What is Reiki


Reiki is a holistic therapy that originates in Japan in the early 20ies through the teachings of Mikao Usui. The word Reiki itself derives from the 2 Japanese words REI (spirituality) and KI (energy, life force). We and everything that surrounds us is made out of energy. All over the world in many different cultures and belief systems are links to energy channels that flow through our body (ex. Chinese medicine, Indian belief of chakras etc.) and also external energies that influence us. In Reiki we strive to connect to the universal energy which surrounds us all the time, and channel it to give energy to the person who is seeking our help.

How does it work


As said above, the Reiki practitioner seeks to connect to the universal energy, all energy surrounding us, and channels this energy through his hands. The hands will go over the body (person il fully dressed), with gentle touch or also few inches distance from the body, following the main energy points (Chakras) and other areas where he feels energy is needed. Our body has the amazing ability to heal itself if he has the right amount of energy for that. Reiki is not substituting regular medical treatments, but for sure it may support them. 

Remember that body and mind are connected, so sometimes our body also shows us emotional or psychological discomforts, problems or blockages. Everything is interconnected.


Why to do Reiki


If you feel tired, low of energy and can't get out of it, Reiki for sure can help you recharge the energy. Maybe during the session also the base which causes you the loss of energy arises.

Other times maybe you have discomforts or health issues and

nothing seems to help. 

Or you are more a spiritual person and feel Reiki can help you losen energy blockages that are connected to emotions, wrong belief systems etc. which stop you moving forward in life or which inhibit you of having a better life quality.